Political Homelessness

Has Major Party Politics left you out in the Cold?

I grew up in a home where my Mother was a Democrat and my Father was a Republican. As a teenager when I formed the foundation of my own personal political philosophy, I realized that there were things I liked and especially things I didn’t like about both major parties. So I claimed neither as “my” party, I was politically homeless.

Each of the two major political parties were waging war on my life in one way or another: The Democrats wanted to take my money by force, if necessary, in ever-higher taxes and trickle it back down to me in ways and amounts that they decided was best for me. And the Republicans wanted to restrict my personal choices to moral code they thought was right for me.
It was very difficult to choose between economic freedom and personal freedom to support a candidate from either of the major parties. But when I found the Libertarian Party, I found my political home.

What is a Libertarian? The word, Libertarian, is not only the name of a political party (the third largest in the nation – much larger than the Reform Party, Constitution Party, and Green Party put together) but also is a political, social, economic and personal philosophy.

Simply stated, Libertarianism is the unshakable belief in Individual Freedom, Personal Responsibility and Tolerance of Individual Diversity. It is the only philosophy that has the real potential for creating peace and harmony between diverse people due to its’ emphasis on Individual rights.

Both the party and the philosophy are very compatible with the hopes and
dreams of most Americans: we all want to live without fear for our lives, free of coercion from anyone including an oppressive government, free to be who we are and do what we want as long as we don’t interfere in the lives of others or “help” them without their permission.

The Libertarian Party encourages us to live more freely in a world that continually tries to limit our freedom. We strive to inform the public of the plight of those oppressed by government, or of groups of people who seek to use government to impose their values on everyone. And we support the activism necessary to achieve the free and tolerant society we all seek.

If most of this sounds good to you, then perhaps you’ve found your political
home in the Libertarian Party.

The Diamond Chart graphic is owned by The Advocates for Self-Government and is used in their World’s Smallest Political Quiz.

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