“All Hell Is Breaking Loose” and Other Lies

Lies Told to Support Net Neutrality Regulation

Net Neutrality Regulation vs. Voluntary Net Neutrality

It is important to establish that before Net Neutrality Regulations were put in place, the hue and cry was that we needed to do this because all hell was breaking loose at internet providers that could affect in some way “millions” of internet users, and we needed to stop it. That was a gross overstatement of the remaining problem because an overwhelming majority of internet providers (ISPs) were already doing voluntarily what the new regulations would require them to do. So, in fact, hell was breaking loose only in the minds of those misled by political agendas or monopolistic concerns. There was no real need for regulations, but they were put in place anyway.

Then when the government ordered the FCC to remove these regulations, again came the predictions of gloom & doom, and yes, of hell breaking loose. And again, 99%+ of internet users found that after deregulation, nothing negative happened. If all hell were going to break loose, it would have by now.

We need to be aware of who is behind the renewed calls for Net Neutrality Regulations:

  • Socialists who believe that more government is always a good thing, and those who have a political agenda that will be served, even if their actions result in no improvement
  • Those on the payroll of the Huge Corporations whose monopoly interests will benefit from RE-Regulation
  • Those who Believe the Lies told by Socialists or Huge Corporations

Lie Number One:  that Net Neutrality needs to be saved by Regulation, indeed that you cannot have Net Neutrality without Regulation. Simply Not True! Voluntary Net Neutrality was working well for the Vast Majority of people and was slowly improving when the Regulations were first instituted. The fact that there was not an actual need for Regulation did not stop them. And, that is the situation in which they could claim that net neutrality regulations worked… because Net Neutrality already existed voluntarily.

Lie Number Two:  that Regulation of the internet via net neutrality will “help consumers”. What is “indisputable” is the fact that only a very small percent of the Public is helped by this kind of Regulation. It is the huge corporations backing the effort to RE-Regulate the internet who will benefit! The Re-Regulators want you to believe that all sorts of tricks and schemes (like Fast Lane-ing, Tiered charging, site blocking) will be perpetrated by ISPs without regulations. But just because they CAN do an evil thing, does not mean that they WILL do that evil thing. Market forces (internet consumers) held them back before regulation and market forces are holding them back now without Net Neutrality Regulations.

Lie Number Three:  that Re-Regulation will help innovation. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Increasing Regulation ALWAYS squelches innovation, except in the limited areas the regulations do not cover.

Lie Number Four:  that Re-Regulation will foster competition. It Never has before and will not do so now. In fact, Regulations decrease competition by making it harder for small companies to become larger or new companies to survive, and THAT is exactly why the big internet corporations want Re-Regulation. They are big enough to survive more regulations, most of their competition is not.

And the Biggest Lie of All:  that government regulations always accomplish their stated goals and do so without the scourge of unintended consequences.

Without regulation, what can we do to keep an internet provider from violating Net Neutrality standards? The answers are the same as they were before Net Neutrality Regulation, Voluntary Net Neutrality compliance, and consumer activism.

Consumer activism is a most powerful tool to use against errant corporations and usually works faster and more peacefully than groveling to the government. Whenever consumer activism is used, it often works before government politicians and regulators can agree that a problem actually exists. And by then, the resulting regulations almost always represent an Over-Reaction to the reality of a problem that once existed or to an imaginary problem that might exist in the future but does not currently exist and for good reason.

Socialist Commentator, Jeffery Tucker stated that de-regulation of the internet represents the “end of Net Neutrality” …  Poppycock! and Balderdash!

Voluntary Net Neutrality backed by consumer activism works! There is no need for Regulation!

Written in response to this and other articles supporting Re-Regulation:  https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/technology/groups-backed-by-facebook-alphabet-and-amazon-push-for-return-of-net-neutrality-rules/ar-BBMwd5p?ocid=spartanntp

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